DON'T isn't just a fashion label, it's a mood. 

Founded by Vanessa Trifunovic (known around town as DJ Nes), DON'T has been a long time in the making before the label’s lively launch in 2020. From a young age, Nes learned to crochet and sew from her grandmother, a dressmaker, while her mother would bring home Dior samples from the dispatch warehouse where she worked. 

With this passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail, DON'T pieces are carefully made to be loved and shared with the world. Having spent the last decade DJing across the country, DON'T is also inspired by nightlife, club culture and sweaty dancefloors; where comfort and convenience is championed. Additionally, Nes' preference for hip-hop and R&B sees the DON'T range infuse elements from sportswear and streetwear realms. Creating community and connection is pivotal to DON'T, just as it is to Nes when she's soundtracking a dancefloor.

The name DON'T comes from our design ethos: Don’t overthink, just create.