Diana Nguyen from HER.SELF

Based in Melbourne, Australia, HER.SELF sells women's fashion, streetwear and accessories by local designers. It’s inspired by the diverse talents and success of modern day female, trans and non-binary individuals within the creative industry. 

Tell us about your journey starting HER.SELF. When was the concept created?
It started off with Kowai Girls/Disorient which was established in 2016. One label by two sisters who wanted to bring some spice into Melbourne Fashion scene. However, with everything that was going on in the world, one of the sisters wanted to focus on her true passion which was food and film. Di however has always had a love for fashion. HER.SELF was established in February 2021 as a multi brand store which showcases the talents of local Australian creatives. People want to know where their clothes come from and they want to support their locals. There aren't many stores that stock local designers and Di wanted provide these labels with a platform to do that. 
What/who inspires your fashion sense?
I'm probably the worse designer out there. I don't follow trends, I don't know what collections are on what runway. I seek inspiration from the people I see and meet everyday. It could be the grandma waiting at the bus stop or the group of girls coming out of Gotcha. Everyday people can inspire you with how they put something together and show you a different point of view on how something can be worn. That's the most exciting thing about fashion - it changes depending on the person and their vision.

What clothing items will you be rocking more of this Spring/Summer?
Honestly, i've been in lockdown for so long I will be wearing everything and anything in my wardrobe once i'm free - you can expect a fashion show even if i'm just catching up with friends for a coffee.
Who are some music artists that you have on replay at the moment?
I love BIBI at the moment. Her name is Kim Hyung-seo a Korean singer and her music just makes me happy. Good beats, good vibes and let me tell you, we can do with all the good vibes right now. 
How would you describe your Spotify playlist?
It probably best represents all the emotions I feel weekly. One day i'll be super happy and carefree, another day I could be annoyed about how sh*tty guys are, or i'll feel like a bad b*tch listening to it while brushing my teeth and dancing in my room.